June 6, 2024

4 Tech Companies to Watch Out for in 2023

Tech remains one of the best sectors to invest in, and we can expect it to continue growing over the next few years. It is not the easiest sector to figure out, however, especially when you’re still new to investing or don’t know much about technology. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can get in the field without getting burned. The most important part is to start slowly, try to get a basic foundation on the biggest tech stocks, and consider alternative ways to invest. Let’s take a look at a few tech companies you should watch out for in 2023.


Amazon is the top tech company in the world right now, and while it is known for its retailing branch, its cloud computing service does not get nearly enough attention. It is widely profitable and made over 65 billion USD last year. The cloud service does not only work with independent buyers but also with major brands like Google and the US Government. It also is much less costly to run than the retailing operation.

You should know that Amazon’s retail division is still the one that brings the most revenue in total, and it is also wildly profitable. Amazon’s power and reach will only get bigger, and the company’s 200 million prime members show that its future is very bright.


SpaceX is another tech company that everyone interested in the sector should look at. SpaceX does much more than send probes and satellites into space. They are also working in tandem with NASA and the US government, which gives them a major advantage. The future of SpaceX looks very bright too, since it is expanding its space operations and considering offering orbital and moon tourist missions by the end of this year.


Microsoft may not be the flashiest company in the tech sector, but it is still one of the most efficient and established tech firms on the planet. The company is so ubiquitous that people often forget that Windows is still the biggest operating system on the planet, Explorer is still one of the most popular web browsers, and Microsoft Azure is now officially the second most popular cloud service provider. 

Microsoft Teams is also starting to make noise in the videoconferencing and collaboration field and is becoming a major threat to rivals like Zoom and Slack. So, don’t count Microsoft out if you are looking for a good investment in the field, and keep an eye on future announcements.


People who are into gaming already know how much of a juggernaut NVIDIA is, but if you’re not familiar with the field, you should know that NVIDIA is known for making the best graphics cards on the planet. This means that any growth in the gaming sector is bound to have a direct influence on NVIDIA’s growth and profitably. 

Not only that, but NVIDIA cards are used by everyone from data workers to engineers, and they are a major driving force in all tech-related sectors. Anyone interested in the tech field has to know about NVIDIA, whether they want to invest in the company or not, as anything that happens with them will have an effect on the industry as a whole.

If you’d like to invest in the tech sector or are simply intrigued by it, it would be a good idea to start learning about these three companies right now. They will have a major impact on how our world runs and could transform the future of humanity as we know it.

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