April 19, 2024

Beyond Décor: Benefits of Quality Ironwork for Your Country Estate Garden

When you think of quality ironwork for your garden, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you are like most country estate owners, the first thing you probably think of is adding aesthetics or value to your property. While those are common benefits of any high-quality fencing or ironwork, there are other benefits that can far surpass even those in the immediate future. 

Whether you have recently purchased a landed country estate or are looking to make some improvements on the property, have you considered just how beneficial it would be to start with a bit of ironwork, especially of the bespoke sort to meet your particular needs? Here are just a few of the benefits of ironwork in your garden that are functional in nature.

Boundary for Kids, Pets & Farm Animals

No matter where you live, if you have children or pets playing out in the garden, you will want to ensure their safety. Quality garden ironwork is as strong and sturdy as it gets, so besides being lovely to look at you can be assured that even the strongest of pets can’t push through. Also, if you have farm animals like a few sheep, you will want them to be safe from straying off into the unknown. No matter what (or who) you are trying to keep within your property grounds, there is nothing stronger than iron to form that much needed boundary.

Protection Against Intruders of All Kinds

The same holds true if you are trying to keep intruders out. This could be humans who are up to no good as well as ‘wild’ animals that might want to do a bit of foraging through your vegetable garden or rubbish bins. The kind of ‘beasts’ you are trying to keep out will usually depend on what part of the UK in which you are living, but no matter where your property lies, intruders of all kinds can be problematic. Especially in the South East and South of England wild boars are once again roaming freely and these can be lethal to domestic animals as well as vegetation so you’ll want to keep them out.

Lattice for Vining Plants

Although aesthetically pleasing to the eye, iron latticework is quite helpful when training vining plants to grow upward. While grapes are traditionally thought of when it comes to vining plants, there are many plants that vine such as several types of tomato plants. Then there are raspberries, kiwi, passionfruit, blackberries, blueberries, and dragon fruit to name the most popular. One thing that is interesting to note is that kiwis actually can, and do, grow in the UK. Not all varieties are exotic!

Taking all of the above into consideration, if you have property in a rural part of the country and are thinking about creating some functional boundaries or barriers, you can’t do better than quality ironwork for your garden. You will find it to be the strongest and most elegant of all options which is why it is the material of choice for gardens on country estates.

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