May 20, 2024

Profile of ShareChat becomes IndiaCentric most loved social network in the US has 160M MAUs

India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore is the headquarters of ShareChat, an app catering to its users with a localized approach. It offers services in many native Indian languages without emphasizing supporting English. India is a country where a large number of users are using the internet and coming online for the first time. ShareChat helps these users to understand and communicate in their native tongue. India is a sea of opportunities for technology and giants of the field have turned their attention and focus on India as new ways for growth are constantly being searched. ShareChat gives tech companies an avenue to enter the large digital marketplace of India. ShareChat feeds the growing hunger for new and innovative content in India. It gives the user information and in turn, helps to forward that information through India’s favorite messaging app WhatsApp and everything in a language the user understands.

With similarities to Reddit in its approach, ShareChat brings in a familiar Spectrum Cable internet feature, public chat rooms, into its services which for the new user is interesting and fascinating. Being the only startup in which Twitter has invested twice has no feature for the English language which makes it interesting and eye-catching for western tech enterprises.

Depending on Indian startups has become the new norm recently. Reliance Jio was invested in by Facebook and Google, and Google and Microsoft have also invested in DailyHunt. Customizing and optimizing their products for Indian users, accessing the Google Assistant with a toll-free number without internet connectivity, media giants like Netflix offer a $3 plan for Indian users Amazon, Twitter, Google and Facebook all offer their services with customization to the Indian users. As the second fastest-growing internet economy it is not unprecedented that India has become the center of attraction for tech giants. This ascent of India into the digital forefront can be largely credited to Reliance Jio which offered digital services to the country with nearly negligible pricing. Unlike the U.S and UK, which record nearly 90% internet users India is still at its halfway mark making it all the more attractive to companies.

But due to the language barrier and a large number of users coming from non-English speaking rural regions the market becomes hard to penetrate and this is where ShareChat plays its part having more than 160 million active users in its platform, at a level with competitors like Facebook.

Users choose the English language but are not comfortable with it and this is what fueled ShareChat to build up in the native languages, its path is clearly cut out to become an all-inclusive social media platform discarding competition and centering its attention in heart of the market, observed by the CEO, Ankush Sachdeva.

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