July 21, 2024

Smart home technologies

The desire for comfort has always been one of the most important human desires. Over the past decades, many innovations have appeared on the market that can provide comfort and optimal conditions in a home. At the same time, the sheer number of such devices created the problem of managing them. If you equip the house with modern heating, air conditioning, lighting and other equipment, then you will have to spend too much time on their adjustment. “Smart Home” is a technology of the future that allows you to create your own infrastructure for interaction and control of all systems in the house and in the surrounding area.

It would seem that quite recently people rejoiced at the invention of the washing machine, microwave oven and refrigerator, but all these devices have become so firmly established in our lives that we can no longer imagine how we managed without them before. Will the technological novelties offered now become as popular over time?

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, and today there are a wide variety of devices on the market, including smart home systems that help their owners clean, cook and even relax. Smart technologies allow not only to control the house, but also to find entertainment without leaving home. For example, you can play online billiards or live casino. Also, with the help of a smart home, you can go in for sports or learn how to cook, learn foreign languages, sing, dance and do practically anything thanks to modern technologies.

More recently, we could not even dream of such devices – a smart bed that tracks sleep patterns, a smart toilet that heats the seat, and a smart toothbrush that tells you when you press too hard on your gums. Many do not even suspect the existence of the smart gadgets presented below, however, they can take their rightful place in our new homes.


Google Home is a smart speaker compatible with the Google Assistant on your smartphone. With its help, through voice commands, you can access your email, calendar, contact list, make calls, control your TV, music speakers and other smart home devices, and even find your lost phone. The advantages of the gadget include a compact and aesthetic appearance – the column can be placed anywhere – be it a kitchen shelf, a bookcase or a nightstand in the living room.


Smart LED lamps with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the first step to transform your home into a smart home. Smart lighting systems allow you to control and adjust the brightness of the light in a house or apartment (from bright to twilight), as well as change the color of lighting, which helps save energy and is very convenient for holidays and parties.


Connoisseurs of the smart home system may like an intelligent toilet – a toilet that heats the seat, flushes, dries and even opens and closes the lid, saving the inhabitants of the house from eternal disputes about who did not lower it (did not raise it). In addition to the described features, smart toilets can be equipped with LED night lamps, heated feet, scales, a built-in sensor that warns of tank malfunctions, and a self-cleaning function. Moreover, the latest models are able to measure the level of sugar and even conduct a urine test. Top smart toilet manufacturers include Toto Washlet and Kohler Numi Toilet.


If you still don’t have a Bluetooth smart toothbrush that monitors your brushing quality, you’re missing out! Of course, you are an adult and consider yourself practically an expert in this field, but you will be surprised after the new brush reveals how many things you are doing wrong.

The smart toothbrush with built-in Bluetooth and 3D sensors records how many times you brushed your teeth, how much attention you paid to each place, how much pressure you pressed on the brush, and tells you at what angle you need to hold it – all with the help of a special application.

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