April 19, 2024

Tips for choosing the best surfwear for women

The sun is shining, the surf is calling, and you’re ready to get out there. Now all you need is some swimwear to boost your confidence on and off the beach. Here are some tips to help you find a suit that will make you look as good as surfing across the waves in no time. 

Find the best-fit

Size is yet another important factor when getting a new surfwear. Finding the right size can be confusing and frustrating. This is because different brands have different sizing standards, so you may need to try on several suits before finding one that fits well.

It’s better to buy a swimsuit that fits you well and makes you look great than one that is too small. If your suit is too small, it won’t be comfortable, making you feel self-conscious and much more reluctant to take off your clothes in front of others. If the suit is too big on top, it’ll ride up when you’re swimming or surfing. A good rule of thumb: try on a few different sizes until you find one that fits properly.

Identify your body type

Find the right fit for you. There are many different body types, and finding a suit that fits can be challenging. While shopping for a new suit, knowing your body shape is essential to find the best fit for your needs and style preferences. The most common female body types include pear, hourglass, rectangle/straight and athletic/muscular.

Choose high-waist swimsuits for long-torso women

If you’re a long-torso woman, choosing high-waist swimsuits is essential. High-waist swimsuits are more flattering on long-torso women because they will make your upper body look longer. High-waisted swimsuits also help you avoid tan lines because they cover more of your body.

Consider your chest size

If you’re busty, look for a suit with support. If you are not, look for one that doesn’t add bulk. While “bulk” isn’t always bad, it’s essential to consider whether or not a wetsuit will support your chest. 

Many wetsuits come with removable pads that can be replaced when they wear out or become uncomfortable, but if fitting into your chosen suit will require using those pads all day long, this may not be the best option for you.

The same goes if your breasts are large enough to warrant underwire. Underwire is generally frowned upon in surfing because it can cause chafing on sensitive areas like armpits and necklines during movement underwater or over land, as well as at night when body temperature drops from activity in water. You should also avoid any form-fitting style unless certain features exist that prevent rubbing against the skin during movement.

Don’t overlook functionality in favour of style

When purchasing surfwear for women; it’s essential to pay attention to the functionality of your items. For example, if you live in a cold climate and surf during winter, you’ll want to invest in some swimwear to keep you warm. Look for pieces that have an added lining or a thicker fabric. 

If pockets are essential to you and won’t be sacrificed at the expense of style, make sure they’re big enough. Consider investing in board shorts with drawstrings around their waistline. This will help keep them up while surfing by providing extra support.

Wrapping up

As we’ve seen, there are many different options for women’s swimsuits. With the proper knowledge and effort, you can find one that works perfectly for your body type and style preferences.

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