June 6, 2024

Top Sports Bettors To Know In 2023

Usually, experts advise low and minimum betting limits ideal strategy for a safe yet profitable experience. But not all punters follow the same approach. Some stride into the risky route by placing big stakes. So are there professional sports bettors who earn a massive payout? 

To your surprise, various pro sports bettors legitimately punt on high-payout betting events and even sometimes take home winning amounts. However, in-depth research, money management, data, odds, and trend analysis play an integral role when they wager. 

Let’s find out who is the greatest sports gambler to this date. 

Billy Walters

Inspired by his father’s poker gaming strategies, Billy Walters stepped into the betting world when he was just nine. He has the highest number of successful bets that anyone has ever placed in gambling history. Moreover, the pro bettor supposedly has a net worth of $200 million. 

During his early betting career, Walter used to figure out the emotionless analysis behind the bet figures while his team (called “runners”) wagered for him remotely. Now, he even applies computer modeling techniques with his team of mathematicians to beat the odds. 

Tony Bloom

Another sensational sports bettor you should know about is Tony Bloom, aka “The Lizzard.” This British professional punter is a phenomenon in the sports betting world who rose to stardom using his cold-blooded betting methods. Presumably, Bloom won nearly $1 million betting on a single football match. 

Today, he owns a poker site, a sports betting site, and an England soccer club. Besides, Bloom is a prestigious member of a betting syndicate and consultancy in a UK firm called Starlizard. 

Benjamin Tucker Patz

Popularly known as Parlay Patz’s, Benjamin started his betting journey in 2015 by launching his offshore betting site when he was merely 18 years old. 

The bettor became an industry expert when he earned around 1 million dollars in Moneyline parlay bets within a few months. He is also famous for placing the most successful bet on a $7,000 13-game parlay that paid him a whopping $333,000 cash. Hence, the nickname. 

Ashton Kutcher

Famous Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher is even a pro sports bettor who focuses on college football. Mind it; he is more than a casual punter. Kutcher plays with a business-oriented mindset using data and algorithms to beat the odds. 

With a net worth of over $150 million, the actor is also an investor in Unikrn – the eSports company. 

Zeljko Ranogajec

The Australian betting expert Zeljko Ranogajec is famous as one of the wealthiest bettors. He entered the gambling world through horse racing events. Zeljko is also a mathematician and founder of the “Bank Roll” sports betting syndicate. 

Many believe that Zeljko is a high roller who supposedly wagers on all of Australia’s thoroughbred horse races. By implementing computer models, he queues bets in the TAB system to get an advantage over the house. Moreover, the Aussie provides huge turnover to the best offshore sportsbooks and bookmakers with high stake betting. 

The net worth of a multi-billionaire came out to be about $600 million after filing taxes. However, the betting expert’s estimated secretive annual turnover is over a billion dollars. 

Sonny Banks

Sonny Banks, or So Money, is a notable Canadian bettor with around 24,000 Twitter followers. He attracts sports gambling enthusiasts by sharing his picks, views, and strategies on his favorite betting events. You can follow this betting pro to prepare your A-game for the upcoming matchups. 

Jim McIngvale

Do you know who made the 5 million dollar bet on Super Bowl? Nicknamed “Mattress Mack,” Jim McIngvale placed the largest sports wager of $5 million at +170 odds on the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl 2022. Unfortunately, this furniture-based business mogul lost the bet. 

Nevertheless, he has always been popular for betting outlandishly—for instance, a $13 million bet on the Houston Astros during World Series 2019 tournament. Interestingly, Jim travels to other states to gamble legitimately due to gambling restrictions in Texas. 

Bottom Line

Reaching this extreme level of sports betting demands years of experience, a mathematician mind, and advanced technologies. If you are wondering how to win a bet every day, drop the idea now. 

Only some people should or can play the high stake games. Seasoned punters adjust their betting style with constantly changing circumstances. Moreover, they can afford to lose exorbitantly due to their already millions of bank worth. Remember, they all started slow and tested the waters by applying smart moves to make a fortune in the sports betting industry. 

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